Tuesday, 27 September 2011

I'm a bad updater.

Right. So, I've still been having trouble with my tooth since the last time i posted on here and finally had to get it pulled last week. I think there is some connection here to why British people are renowned for having bad teeth; bad dentists. Lol.
Seriously though, I'm all good and gearing to go now with no excuses in sight, so finished chapter twenty two today and sent it to my Beta. Hopefully it will be all ready for public consumption by the beginning of next week.

Good news eh? Well, i have more! Lol.

It actually contains a scene in it which relates to it's M rating! Oh Em Gee! Shocking, i know. It's been a long time coming that's been for sure. I'm actually surprised yous have all lasted as long as yous had without gathering up a mob and coming after me and demanding i write something smutty. Lol.

Anyways, i have paved the path to smut now so it's all just up from here. Haha. :P

Enjoy, as Merlin knows what excuse i might pull out next week over how i can't write the next chapter. I'm just a walking contradiction i tell you. :P


  1. Yikes! Sorry to hear about the tooth issues. :( Hope it's getting cleared up now. Happy writings as I need to get caught up still. Bad reader!

  2. The tooth issues are all over with now, thank heavens, so I am now back to writing. Although it is as slow as ever. I'm terrible for updating. Surprised i even have any readers! Lol.
    I've been such a bad reader with your story also, so don't worry. I'm like ten chapters behind. It's terrible as i was really getting into it, and just can;t find time atm to do anything. :[ Will hopefully be back on track with my writing and reading soon. Very soon! Lol. :P

    Thanks for the lovely comment!
    Jess xx