Tuesday, 27 September 2011

I'm a bad updater.

Right. So, I've still been having trouble with my tooth since the last time i posted on here and finally had to get it pulled last week. I think there is some connection here to why British people are renowned for having bad teeth; bad dentists. Lol.
Seriously though, I'm all good and gearing to go now with no excuses in sight, so finished chapter twenty two today and sent it to my Beta. Hopefully it will be all ready for public consumption by the beginning of next week.

Good news eh? Well, i have more! Lol.

It actually contains a scene in it which relates to it's M rating! Oh Em Gee! Shocking, i know. It's been a long time coming that's been for sure. I'm actually surprised yous have all lasted as long as yous had without gathering up a mob and coming after me and demanding i write something smutty. Lol.

Anyways, i have paved the path to smut now so it's all just up from here. Haha. :P

Enjoy, as Merlin knows what excuse i might pull out next week over how i can't write the next chapter. I'm just a walking contradiction i tell you. :P

Thursday, 1 September 2011


Ollie and Sev
Is anyone still here? Lol.

If so, this is just a quick little note to say sorry for the delay in updating my Red And Green Should Never Be Seen story.

What with being away on holiday for a week and then coming back to my usual hectic schedule, I've also now got an infected tooth due to bad root canal treatment. So the left side of my face is swollen to three times the size it should be, i feel ill like i have the flu and i am on horse pills for medication by the looks of it. Not good. Lol. Therefore i have had hardly any time recently to write. :[

Anyways, that's my crappy excuses for not updating the past few weeks. I hope you accept them and don't want to murder me quite so much now. Lol. But if not, well I have no other explanations. :P

Good news though, I've finished chapter twenty-one and I am sending it to my Beta today so the wait shouldn't be much longer now. It's only a filler though, so I'm working hard on trying to write the next, more plot filled, chapter as soon as i can. :]

Hope yous all can wait a little longer!
Jessica xx

Monday, 18 April 2011

From Red to Blonde=Total disaster!

So Ive had my hair pink, black, blue black, brown, red, highlighted and everything else in between. But if there has been one lesson i have learned over the years, its red never leaves your hair. NEVER!
Its like a parasite honestly. Once you have dyed your hair red, no matter what you do to it, there is always that little hint of it coming through.
Now not a problem to someone like me who dyes their hair red on a regular bases considering its one of my favourite hair colours to be seen with, but when you randomly decide to go from that to platinum blonde, two weeks before your daughters birthday party and not taking more than a day to think it through. It is sure to equal disaster, and disaster it has. :[

My natural hair colour is dirty blonde/really light brown and i think the red took to it a little to much. Ive put on an extra strength hair stripper which was supposed to return my hair to said dirty blonde colour, but just made it the teensiest shade of lighter red. A wasted £12.50 down the drain.
I then put on a bleach which states it will lighten your hair 5-7shades lighter, but did nothing whatsoever than dye my roots bright yellow blonde and leave everything else red as a tomato! Not a good look sporting a bad Haley Williams from Paramore look while walking through my quite conservative town i tell you! That's another £10 down the drain...
THEN! I put on a platinum blonde dye yesterday only to turn my hair bright orange with now even lighter roots only to have to go to the cinema earlier tonight in public looking like a walking version of the sun. To be fair though, i thought it looked rather nice. But the weird looks from people in my town sorta said other wise... Another tenner gone to waste!

Now i have five days until i will be in numerous photos at my daughters birthday party this weekend and only two more platinum dyes left to try and recreate some sort of Marilyn Monroe colour and not Cindy Lauper circa 1985!

Finger crossed it will work, or less i shall be cancelling the clown and going in his place! :P

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Arty Pants

So i joined Deviant Art and posted some drawings etc incase anyone fancies seeing them. Some are related to my Severus/OC story.

Just thought i would tell you guys. Lol. :P

Jessica xx

Sunday, 27 March 2011


So, i decided to just post who i imagine the other characters in my story, Red And Green Should Never Be Seen look like. Probably not who most of you think they look like, but we are all entitled to our own opinions and if you really despise the way i have imagined J.K.Rowlings characters, then feel free to scrub their images form your minds and focus on how you percieve them to be.
On with the show then! Lol....

Severus Snape. Without the guyliner obv! Lol. Mean and moody still tho! :P

James Potter. Plz add some glasses with your imagination. :P

The legendary Sirius Black. Dark and smoldering with a personality to match. Ooft!

Lily Evans. Light hearted with a temper to match her hair. Fiery! Haha

Peter Pettigrew. Only more rat-like. I couldn't find a picture to completely do him justice. Lol.

Remus Lupin. Intellectual with an air of something different about him. :]
Anyways, i hope you guys approve! :D
Let me know otherwise, or if you have any of your own personal prejections you would like to share. :]

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Hot Hugging

Yet another update to my Red and Green Should Never Be Seen story. What can i say, Olivia and Severus have just got me running ragged trying to spill out their story. Lol.

This Chapter See's them getting intimate....ly. Sorta. Haha. Well they are together, and touching but you will just have to read the chapter to see what i mean exactly. :P

On another story update note, anyone interested in seeing what Lexi and Olivia look like?

Olivia White. Only with more intense red hair. Lol.

Lexi Kingsley. Like a young Bridget Bardot.
Obviously we can all imagine a young Severus, Marauders and Lily surely, but if anyone would also want to see my take on their appearances then feel free to give me a shout and i shall post away! :]

Anyways, that's all i have time to say atm. Hopefully the next chapter for this story shall be up Sunday, and i am not even gonna mention my LOTR one as i don't want to imagine that exists atm since i know it majorly needs updating. Sorry to all my Frodo lovers out there! :|

Ciao! :]

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Anime or not to Anime? That is the question...

My first non-fan fiction related post. Yay? Nah, nothing too exciting to write home about i am afraid. Sorry to anyone who is only reading this blog for fic updates, i promise their shall be much more of them to come. :]

Avoid if you offend easily! :|

Anyways I digress, I'm here to talk about Anime. Love it? Hate it? don't get it? I have experienced all three emotions towards it to be frank.  Urotsukidōji I: Legend of the Overfiend anyone? Wow! That movie was seriously messed up! It was one of them ones that you actually start questioning your own sanity about wanting to watch it like half way through. Trust me, if i had actually used my eyes and read the back cover i would of avoided it. Unfortunately, I'm stupid that way. Lol.

Watched Black Blood Brothers the other night, story was good and the characters were rather addictive i must say. Anyone not want to be bit by Jiro? Nope? Right, thought as much. :P Anyway, taking all that into consideration, the series seemed to just end. I was like 'yes big fight is coming up oooh!' then a ten minute sword fight happens and the bad guys get away and it just sorta....ends? Where is the anger? The revenge? The ending to the long 12 ep storyline? Pfft! Besides that point though, would still watch again. what can i say? I am a sucker for anything with fangs and a bit of a love undertone going on in the plot. Gets me hooked every time!

Pom Poko
Best Racoon movie ever!
(only racoon movie ever? Hmm...)
The most addictive anime films ever, in my opinion, are Pom Poko, Howls Moving Castle and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. Seriously, amazing! Raccoons that can talk and transform their, ahem pouches...into things while fighting the modernisation of rural Japan in the meantime? Immense! Wizards and turnips and old lady hags, oh my! Sheer brilliance. And finally silent futuristic Vampire killer who has a talking hand who's sarcasm can outwit even my own twisted mind? Fantastic! Seriously, i can't recommend enough. :] any readers have any faves they would like to share? C'mon, don't be shy people! :P

Anyways, that's my anime mind totally and utterly satisfied. On with something more important and less rambly; Fan fiction updates!

Right, A Reason To Carry On is still unwritten. I am having serious Clara writers block people, and it sucks. Big time! :[ Red And Green Should Never Be Seen shall be updated Sunday hopefully. Totally hooked on writing my sarky character, Olivia. Anyways, keep a look out and i shall keep you guys posted.

Thanks for checking this blog out, i pity anyone who has managed to read this far. You guys must have the concentration skills of sheer warriors as i don't half dribble on! Haha. :| anyways, guten tag! :D